Our firm delivers projects in a number of domains such as accommodation, commercial and office buildings as well as those destined for the public and parapublic sectors. This has enabled the team to acquire a wealth of experience and specific expertise in understanding the complexity of different programmes.

Whether the project requires a large-scale renovation of an industrial site, the construction of a villa or the development of a housing complex of 256 accommodations, dl-c handles projects of any scale and has undeniable experience in the development and handling of a construction site.

dl-c also regularly submits projects to reply to tenders which allow them to pitch their ideas against those of other firms and win significant mandates.

dl-c believes in architecture which is rational and practical. Far from wishing to simply impose their vision and signature, the firm strives above all to deliver projects of quality, notably by conceiving spaces conducive to the comfort and well-being of its occupants. The manner in which the building integrates into the site, the views, its orientation, the opportunities for natural light, the programme as well as the aspirations of the client all factor into guiding our architectural creations.

You will also find at the heart of our practices the drive to conceive innovative strategies based upon ecological, social and economic factors in order to ensure a sustainable build.

Personal contact is key to the craft of an architect. We are attentive to our clients’ wants and needs and the dl-c team bases their work on trust and a strong sense of partnership in order to translate the client’s expectations and requirements into a quality project unique to them.

«Whether a person’s ideas are vague or very specific, our role is to steer them according to their ethos and their requirements»

From the first sketch to the finished product, dl-c accompanies its clients at each stage and ensures they respect the deadlines and designated costing.

For each project, the firm takes the utmost care to verify the quality of the proportions, the choice of materials, the colours, with attention to detail, favouring a contemporary architecture.