3 residential buildings in the Gourgas-Maraîchers Sector / MEP, laureate – ranked 1st

3 immeubles d’habitation au secteur Gourgas-Maraîchers / MEP, lauréat – 1er rang

In assocaition with lopes&périnet-marquet architects.

Situated within an urban location comprising predominately of adjoining blocks overlooking internal courtyards, the arrangement of three buildings that currently occupy the plot are a contrast to the dense surroundings. These compositions, which will be reused in the new project, form a remarkable characteristic within the neighbourhood.
The layout of the buildings creates a space that favours soft mobility with the possibility to go throughout the neighbourhood in a continuous manner.

The pentagonal shape adopted by the three buildings increases the lines of the frontage while preventing the structures from being overlooked. It also accentuates the feeling of openness of the block.

The original and diverse nature of the designs is based on the principles of habitability and flexibility combined with sustainability. The continuity of space and light are accompanied by a particular attention to the relationship between the indoor and outdoor environments. When defining the buildings, thought was given to the lifestyles and comfort of the future occupants and so the designs offer a succession of spaces with an entrance hall and a variety of rooms with at least one being adapted to people with reduced mobility. The kitchen-dining-room is systematically situated within a corner to offer two outlooks and to benefit from a generous balcony space.

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